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On pterodactyls and cotton candy sneakers

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Hello all and welcome to my brand new website!

A lot has happened since I last blogged. Mainly I've been very occupied with all things baby (he's turning 6 months next week, time flies). Also, I've never done so much walking in my entire life (a part of motherhood nobody tells you about beforehand... Pregnant readers: get thee to a shoe store and purchase a pair of sneakers that make your feet feel as if they're ensconced in cotton candy, ASAP).

I'm taking baby Felix out in the pram several times a day so he can nap, and since he wakes up the second I dare stand still, I've gotten creative in finding ways to make the most of these repetitive walks: listening to audio books and podcasts, noticing the various cloud constellations - always moving and shape shifting- and (the most delicious way of passing time) just wandering around quite aimlessly, daydreaming.

Until he wakes up and I hurry back home to start the next installment of never-ending baby tasks:

- Changing nappies (I could tell you stories on this subject that are so astonishing you'd accuse me of exaggeration...Alas, they're all true. Lucky for you this is not a baby blog so I'll keep them to myself... But I WILL tell you that my husband and I have agreed that when the baby grows up and decides to play in a band, it should probably be called the Poo Fighters.),

-Supervising tummy time. This consists of making up silly songs and games to make him laugh (best sound ever) and fruitlessly trying to ward off the inevitable meltdown that occurs when he realizes he can't crawl yet. Said meltdown manifests itself as follows: baby flails arms and legs about wildly while screeching like a pterodactyl. Seriously, the kid is discovering his voice! As a singer I should probably be delighted by this fact. My ears, however, have their own thoughts about this latest sonic development.

- Washing, sterilizing, filling bottles of milk and then trying to make him drink them while he, on the other hand, is more interested in anything but the bottle. This sometimes results in a battle of wills. On the one hand there's me, frantically trying to distract and trick him into eating. On the other hand there's baby Felix, who - blissfully unaware of my intentions to keep him fed and alive - smiles approvingly in response to my mildly amusing shenanigans before taking anther sip or two and then requiring another form of entertainment.

- Getting ready to go out once again because the pterodactyl screeching has reached a new, ear-shredding volume, indicating it's time for yet another power nap/ walk. And so the cycle continues...

In between the day-to-day busyness, I've also been trying to work on my music, the new website, and preparations of the new releases. I'm planning to ring in the summer with two new singles, and I can't wait to share them with you... In the meantime I'll be here, walking my baby under the clouds and around the block, both of us dreaming <3

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